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We are a leading source for Web Design related products. This includes but is not limited to WordPress Themes, Bootstrap Themes, Plugins, Extensions, Website Templates and Site Optimisation techniques.

With over 60,000 Uniques visitors a month, Web Design Cube is providing thousands of international visitors with excellent products and information on the current market.

On average our visitors spend just over 2 minutes per visit on our website, before following external links from the articles they view. This translates into a large amount of traffic leaving the site to follow paid advertising links in sponsored posts.

Traffic Statistics

2,000+ Daily Visitors

3,300+ Daily Page views

2:05 Average Visit Duration


Sponsored/Guest Post: $60 USD
A Complete post written by you, to be placed onto our website. Can include up to 25 external links. If you are linking to a paid product, a referral code is required to be placed on each link, or an additional fee of $20 USD applies.
You are required to submit the written article (no word limit) Along with a Title, Featured Image and any additional images you may want to include in the post.

Display Banner Advertisement: $150 USD Per Month
300px x 250px to be displayed in right hand column across all website pages.
Flash is allowed but limited to 3 loops, no sound may be present on the file. If submitting a flash file, a backup GIF is required. Static images are also supported in .gif, .png and .jpg formats.

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