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Monstroid is a brand new WordPress theme developed by TemplateMonster. Read on and get to know how you personally can benefit from this project launch and all the useful things about it.
Let’s start with a kind of definition
Monstroid is a really huge WordPress theme built on the basis of Cherry Framework 4.0.


The theme includes 145 pages. All possible and impossible layout options have been thought out by the developers beforehand. All of these pages are absolutely full-fledged. They have different structure, blocks, UI elements, typography, accordions, parallax, tabs and other goodies. Monstroid possesses rich functionality that can be extended with the help of various plugins that were created specifically for this project. The theme is responsive. It’s not surprising, we just state the fact to convince you that your Monstroid will look and perform perfectly on any modern gadget screen. Besides, Monstroid contains 120+ PSD files for those who like to create unique designs in Photoshop. We promise you to tell about the innovative features of Monstroid and Child Themes coming in the pack for free below. So stay with us and continue reading.

Some unique features of Monstroid

Monstroid Shortcode Template Editor
Shortcode Template Editor
It is a part of Cherry Framework. The feature allows to create shortcode templates and edit them.

Monstroid Static Area Builder
Static Area Builder
Arrange header and footer elements according to developer’s or user’s wish. I.e.: you can drag and drop company logo searching for the perfect place for it at the footer.
Dynamic CSS
Modify CSS dynamically. Make sure that the given option is activated and save the options settings without overwriting basic CSS. You just generate a new file every time.
СSS Minifier
Activate the option and all CSS files will be compiled into one with their content minified. This will make your website load faster.

Monstroid Installation Wizard
Installation Wizard
Upload it like any other WordPress plugin and install your theme in a couple of minutes with a few mouse clicks. All files are downloaded from the cloud and you can choose the components you want to install. Wizard lets preview all the available child themes and check any particular features you want to set up.
Theme Settings and Data Backup
Back up your theme and then restore the backed up version. You can back up your settings and content in the Cherry Options. This way you will always have a certain point you can return to at any moment.

Monstroid eCommerce Ready
e-Commerce Ready (Full WooCommerce)
Monstroid is delivered to you with a ready-made store. The theme has a WooCommerce plugin. The pre-designed WooCommerce theme is fully-functional. It is supplied with product pages and subpages. Compile your site menu and replace the default content with your own – that’s all you need to do. BTW, the rest of the themes in the package are WooCommerce ready.
That was a brief overview of the unique Monstroid features so it’s time to pass to the Monstroid design.

Monstroid Pack of Child Themes
Pack of Child Themes
Get your Monstroid together with Child Themes. In fact, Child Themes are separate themes of the certain categories. At present, 4 subtopics are included into the package. They fit the most popular niches: Finance, Education, Portfolio, Interior & Furniture. Great news is that up to 15 fresh designs for different kinds of businesses will be added monthly and you will have access to them.

Monstroid Skin Switcher
Multiple Skins (Skin Switcher)
Now you can see Monstroid in flat, minimal and dark style. 5 more styles will be added in the short term. Users can choose between them without changing a thing in the HTML or CSS code. Site visitors, having access from the admin are able to do the same.

Monstroid Style Options
Style Options
Switch between Grid, Flat, Masonry and Masonry Flat layout options with your mouse only. A layout option is a kind of page skeleton. Add or remove sidebars, change position of posts, etc. It’s cool to be able to change the layout of your blog having no coding skills at all.
Multiple Layouts
Multiple Layouts are variants of elements arrangement on the page. Choose the option you like for every page. To put it simple: at first the user chooses a layout (a web page skeleton), then he/she passes to picking the Style Option (the core content of the page).
What else can you find in the Monstroid pack? A number of powerful plugins! Read about some of them below. Each of the Monstroid plugins is a separate ready-made product that you get free of any additional charges together with the theme.
Cherry Shortcodes
Accelerate the process of web pages building with shortcodes. Monstroid offers 30 shortcodes and nearly 150 of their variations.

Monstroid Motopress Editor
MotoPress Editor
Get a pro version of MotoPress Editor plugin together with Monstroid. This visual editor lets you modify the theme from the front end and easily create and style pages without writing a single line of code.
Moto Slider
Present your content to impress the viewer with Moto Slider – a powerful solution aimed specifically for the purpose. It has dozens of stylization options, so everything is in your hands.

Monstroid Portfolio Page
Portfolio Page
Create your portfolio section with this plugin. Build all kinds of galleries and portfolio pages with rich functionality and a variety of visual effects.
Create diagrams and infographics with Charts plugin. Incorporate charts into your site to convey statistics and any other numerical data in a simple visual way. Choose between charts of different types: pie, bar, doughnut, and progress bar.
White Label Plugin
Are you a developer? Then, you will appreciate this plugin. It ensures deeper customization of the WordPress dashboard panel, menus, logos, etc., to suit any specific needs. In other words, you can write whatever you want at the copyrights section of your website, however, make sure that it complies with WordPress regulations. Create less confusing and more branded site.
SEO Optimized, Mobile & Google Friendly
Deliver your content through the SEO-optimized site highly ranked in Google search engine.
Google Fonts
Change the default theme typography choosing the fonts you like from 500+ fonts collection which is also included into Monstroid. Pick out the font styles that suit your site through the Cherry Settings.
Сompatibility with Popular Extensions
Extend functional capabilities of your website and make it more interesting and user-friendly. The theme is compatible with popular extensions like bbPress, Buddypress, Yoast, WPML and others.
Full Social Integration
Promote your website via social networks by linking it to your social media profiles.
Integration with Google Maps
Add a Google map to your website with this plugin. It will help your customers find the office of your company quickly and hassle-free.
Powered by the Cherry Framework
You already know that Monstroid is built on Cherry Framework 4.0 recently released by TemplateMonster.com. The framework can be installed in three simple steps and includes a solid number of useful features both for DIY guys and professionals. Click here to read the information about this new Cherry release.
Here is a very short teaser to spark your interest to the product.
The framework considerably speeds up the process of websites building. It has a modular structure that provides independency of its components. You will master the framework at lightning speed as it is extremely easy.
Cherry 4 has a well-balanced number of settings. You can disable or just don’t activate the options you don’t need. This can be considered an advantage because lots of customers complain that all frameworks are overburdened with superfluous options. The framework is also Bootstrap based, so it offers all its vast functionality and has a clean code.

Other pleasures you get with Monstroid?

50+ Royalty-Free Graphics
Get a set of 50+ licensed images and use them on your website with Monstroid.

Monstroid Royalty Free Graphics
Well Documented
The theme comes with a pack of video tutorials and documentation for end-users. The instructions are detailed and straight-to-the-point.
Buying Monstroid the customer gets a license key valid on 3 domains. Then the buyer chooses which theme he/she wants to install. The customer can rebrand the running website with new themes that become available each month.

Monstroid Free Support Monstroid Free Support
Free Support
Get a free 24/7 support for a lifetime with your Monstroid. You can contact support service via live chat, using tickets or telephone. You can also ask your question right from the WordPress admin panel. Friendly professionals respond immediately. If your issue is too complicated it may take from 2 to 4 hours. This is one more of the multiple Monstroid advantages over competitors as most of them render paid support services.
Lifetime Updates
Get free regular updates with Monstroid. They will include bug fixes, new themes releases and additional functionality. The customers will get notifications about the coming update and update their sites if they want or need to.

Wrap up

We are sure that having read everything written above you clearly understand that Monstroid is much more than just another WordPress theme. It’s a perfect solution both for developers and end-users. You can build absolutely any kind of website with this theme starting from personal blog and ending up with an e-Commerce store. You get a life-time partner for all your web development needs for only $79.
Would you like to share your thoughts about Monstroid? What features do you find really useful? Do you think that such kind of approach to web design is awesome? Would you like to buy Monstroid for yourself? Does it fit your projects? If you have any questions, suggestions or wishes as to Monstroid features or anything else connected with the topic, please type them at the comment section. Your feedback is always welcome!


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