The 5 Best WordPress Themes 2015

Best Wordpress Themes 2015

Best Wordpress Themes 2015

The Best WordPress Themes 2015 are excellent for the modern day website. They are packed with features and allow you to keep up with the current trends of website design.

Running a website with WordPress is one of the simplest ways to create and update a website. WordPress has a very intuitive layout, and is also easy for the non savvy user to navigate and post information from. Whilst there are many free WordPress themes that are available, today we will be focussing on Premium themes. Premium themes generally come with more options and features, and have been designed better for generating revenue. Whether it be from making your content look more exciting, excellent ad placement, or incorporating Plugins that allow you to run affiliate marketing.

This ultimately means for a small investment on a Premium theme, you can quickly see a return on the investment due to an increase in your revenue stream, making them an excellent choice for the smart website owner.

The 5 Best WordPress Themes 2015

Below are our handpicked 5 Best WordPress Themes 2015 that we feel will help your website succeed.


Avada - Best WordPress Themes 2015

Avada is a fully responsive and incredibly powerful theme, With unlimited designs and advanced theme options, you can make this theme completely unique. An excellent feature is being able to showcase your website in full width or boxed form on any screen, responsive layouts have never looked so good!

Download || Demo || Price :$58


X - Best WordPress Themes 2015

X calls itself ‘The Theme of 2015’ and it doesn’t lie. It has broken the weekly top seller charts on Theme Forest, and continues to sell well. With multiple unique designs built in, over a dozen premium plugins included for free, and a completely responsive layout, this is an excellent choice for any website owner.

Download || Demo || Price :$63


Enfold - Best WordPress Themes 2015

Enfold has an extremely high rating, 4.85 stars from over 4,800 reviews as of this article being posted. With tons of variations in design, fantastic support, and a heavily optimized layout, the creators of Enfold boast that it is the last design you will need to buy.

Download || Demo || Price :$58


Bridge - Best WordPress Themes 2015

Bridge has been designed with the end user in mind. Featuring a complete custom Admin panel, that is incredibly versatile yet easy to use, and bonus premium plugins, it is a worthwhile investment that will easily show a revenue increase on your website.

Download || Demo || Price :$58


TheFox - Best WordPress Themes 2015

TheFox features absolutely stunning visuals, and is guaranteed to wow your viewers. Over 250 design details can be utilized to completely customize the theme to your needs. TheFox also features an incredibly powerful theme option panel, which can even allow you to change your entire colour scheme in one click.

Download || Demo || Price :$58

That concludes our roundup of the Best WordPress Themes 2015. Please drop us a comment below if you found this post useful, and let us know which theme is your favorite!

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