5 Free HTML5 Templates For Your Website

Free HTML5 Templates - Spectral

Free HTML5 Templates - Spectral

Free HTML5 Templates are easy to come by, but hard to find excellent ones. We’ve taken the liberty of doing the work for you, and finding 5 Free HTML5 Templates you can download at no cost and begin using straight away!

HTML5 is an advanced version of HTML, and is what most websites are running on now. It provides a solid framework for creating and running websites, and can safely integrate with other code languages too. As such, a lot of websites are switching over to HTML5, and instead of having to build a site from scratch, finding Free HTML5 Templates saves a lot of time. Check out our roundup below of our 5 favorite Free HTML5 Templates!

5 Free HTML Templates For Your Website


Free HTML5 Templates - Spectral

Spectral is a stunning example of excellent free html5 templates. It contains vivid colours and imagery, and is also responsive too, which is very handy for Google’s new search algorithms.
Download || Demo


Free HTML5 Templates - Felicity

Felicity is a modern responsive HTML5 design. It combines an elegant colour scheme, with a simple to navigate layout. It is very suitable for portfolios for artists such as photographers and painters.

Download || Demo


Free HTML5 Templates - Photon

Photon is completely free under the Creative Commons license. It is fully customizable and is built on both HTML5 and CSS3. A beautiful layout that combines simplistic style with a fully responsive layout.

Download || Demo


Free HTML5 Templates - Highlights

Highlights is also free under the Creative Commons license. It is an excellent one page design that incorporates a simplistic elegant style, along with a contact form at the bottom.

Download || Demo

Read Only

Free HTML5 Templates - Read-Only

Rounding out our Free HTML5 Templates we have ‘Read Only’ which combines a fully responsive layout with an excellent color scheme and fully customizable layout.

Download || Demo

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