15 Free Responsive JQuery Carousel Slider Plugins

Free Responsive Jquery Slider Plugins 2014

Free jquery carousel slider plugins can be used to create attractive and effective websites. These are free jquery plugins 2014 comes with amazing features.

JQuery carousel slider plugins are used to make attractive websites. With the help of these jQuery carousel slider plugins you can show products, items and pictures easily and effectively. These carousel plugins mainly used to show the contents in eCommerce, portfolio, business and many other types of websites. These are responsive JQuery carousel slider plugins means it will support all the major devices and browsers too. It can be used to show top 10 contents or top images through these jquery plugin which increase the attractiveness of a visitor to your website. These are all free jquery carousel slider plugins so you can use it freely and anywhere. Check the beautiful collection of free jquery carousel slider plugins which may saves your time and energy i.e you don’t need to waste your time in searching all this stuffs just click and go to jquery plugins page.

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Free Responsive Jquery Carousel Slider Plugins 2014

In this article, we’d like to showcase you a list of some free Jquery carousel slider plugins 2014 which may useful in creating your next website. Enjoy these free jquery carousel slider plugins collection!

OWL Carousel

OWL Carousel - Free Responsive Jquery Carousel Slider Plugins 2014

Owl carousel is a touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider.


carouFredSel - Free Responsive Jquery Carousel Slider Plugins 2014

carouFredSel is quite simply the most powerful and flexible way to add carousels to your website.

Tiny Circleslider

Tiny Circleslider - Free Responsive Jquery Carousel Slider Plugins 2014

Tinycircleslider is a circular slider / carousel. That was built to provide webdevelopers with a cool but subtle alternative to all those standard carousels. Tiny Circleslider can blend in on any wepage. It was built using the javascript jQuery library.

Amazing Carousel

Amazing Carousel - Free Responsive Jquery Carousel Slider Plugins 2014

Amazing Carousel is an easy-to-use Windows & Mac app that enables you to create circular, responsive jQuery Carousel and jQuery Image Scroller.

Elastislide – A Responsive jQuery Carousel Plugin

Elastislide - Free  Jquery Slider Plugins 2014

Elastislide is a responsive image carousel that will adapt fluidly in a layout. It is a jQuery plugin that can be laid out horizontally or vertically with a pre-defined minimum number of shown images.


Moodular - Free  Jquery Plugins 2014

Moodular is a jQuery plugin which allows to create carousel/slider very easily. It is a responsive, touch compatible, evolutive, modular, jQuery carrousel.


Slick - Free Responsive Jquery Plugins 2014

Slick is a full responsive jquery carousel slider plugin. It scales with its container. Desktop mouse dragging and infinite looping.

FlexSlider 2

FlexSlider 2 - Free Responsive Jquery Carousel Slider Plugins 2014

FelxSlider is one of the most popular jquery carousel plugin available over the internet. It is a responsive carousel slider.

Killer Carousel

Killer Carousel

Killer Carousel is a Powerful, responsive, touch-enabled carousel for modern websites and devices, plus legacy browser support.



Flexisel is a free responsive jquery carousel plugin. Using Flexisel, the responsive image carousel with options specifically available for adapting the carousel for mobile and tablet devices.

bxSlider Carousel

bxSlider Carousel

bxSlider is a fully responsive jquery carousel slider plugin. It has lots of features and we can easily integrate this jQuery plugin in our websites.

Blueimp Gallery

Blueimp Gallery

Blueimp Gallery is a touch-enabled, responsive and customizable image & video gallery, carousel and lightbox, optimized for both mobile and desktop web browsers.



anoSlide is ultra lightweight responsive jQuery carousel plugin. It’s suitable for implementing a carousel for both desktop and mobile viewports.

Bootstrap Carousel

Bootstrap Carousel

Bootstrap is a responsive moving box carousel plugin which can be used to create a beautiful website.

jQuery RS Carousel

jQuery RS Carousel

jQuery RS Carousel is a responsive and unobtrusive carousel written on top of jQuery and the jQuery UI Widget Factory providing a full and familiar API in less than 2.6kB minified and gzipped.

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